Level Five Coaching System

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The only sales coaching system to master call planning and execution skills that delivers top line revenue growth

“The head of sales at a North American consumer-services company, for example, tried a new approach to improving sales performance after years of fruitless initiatives. Instead of issuing a series of sales directives, as had been their custom, managers rolled up their sleeves and led a series of in-person sessions and ride-alongs.

By targeting specific skills and enforcing their use with concrete goals, sales leaders raised rep productivity by 25 percent within 18 months.”

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60% of all sales calls are scrap and waste; they don’t advance the customer’s buying process.

Why? Because coaching is not due on Friday at 5 o'clock. Forecasts are, but coaching is not.

You have to inspect what you expect.


The Level 5 Coaching System builds a common language for defining a quality sales call and provides a repeatable, measurable process to master call planning and execution skills.

This 180-day initiative trains frontline sales leaders to build coaching plans to maximize the ROI from the time they invest in coaching their teams.


The Level Five Selling Model

The Level Five Selling model is based on research conducted with customers and frontline sales managers who are the best judge of a quality call. Based on their input we designed a process for your sales force to define what a quality call looks like in your world as a benchmark for measuring call success.

How do we get there?

Double the number of Level Five Calls in the next 180 days to increase the number of reps who meet or exceed quota.


Meet with senior sales leadership stakeholders and decide your goals, and what to measure/evaluate during the 180 days.


Sales leadership teams participates in a two-day planning workshop to provide tools, resources, and skills that enable them to execute the initiative.


Execute the plans, track and monitor the progress in 30-day check-ins and two debriefs.

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Why waste valuable field time, travel, food and lodging costs hosting traditional classroom training programs for sales representatives that historically don't work...and never will.

“If you have $1000 dollars to spend on training your sales team, spend $900 of it on the frontline sales leaders.”

Neil Rackham, SPIN Selling

Over this past summer I witnessed ten sales interns trained in Level Five Selling at a major software company rapidly ramp up their revenues and produce 2.5x more gross profit than their total costs in just 11 weeks.

When my sales courses begin, most students are skeptical about working in the field of sales, because they associate it with Level 1 and Level 2 sales where feature and benefits ‘dumps,’ premature hard closes and pressure predominate. After they understand Level 5 (Value Creator) sales, they become far more interested in learning about the profession and in experiencing it through internships and full time entry level positions.

Level Five Selling is excellent for business development professionals, their managers, trainers and sales enablers. However, I use its concepts to point out to college juniors and seniors at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management the many differences between transnational B2C sales and complex, consultative B2B sales.

John provides the context and the tools to help you focus on the things that get results. He walks you through the levels in a way that is easy to understand, and offers a framework of what you need to do to achieve the Level Five Selling, and being a Value Creator. Most of all, his attention on Level Five Sales Leadership is perhaps the most important part of his book, because without it, it is impossible to execute successfully. A must read.

Level Five Selling is the ultimate user’s guide for sales and sales leadership! It is very easy to lose perspective in selling; the push for numbers, focusing on products and price, the focus on quantity versus quality. Successful companies frequently step back and assess where they are, and where they need to go. This book will help you do that.

I encourage you to buy this book for your sales reps and then discuss it with them. The number of level 5 sales calls will increase.

Most sales managers have team members who are making ineffective sales calls today and these show up as their sales reps not making quota. Using John’s system, you’ll be able to coach your people on how to improve their call planning behavior.

For sales managers, he asks the question “What is the quantifiable impact if your sales reps are not selling at Level Five?” or ” What do I need to do to start selling at Level Five now?”. These are key questions to ask and answer.

John Hoskins is a seasoned sales pro who has written a book worth reading for the sales war stories alone that this book is peppered with…. but it’s so much more. His focus on making of quality sales calls versus the quantity of sales calls is a good reminder to all sales leaders. Every company needs to ask the question John asks, “What criteria do you use to measure a quality sales call?” John’s correct and insightful, when he states there is great value in “having everyone in your sales force share a common language and understanding of a quality sales call”. He says that “the increased awareness alone would immediately change behaviors and conversations before and after a sales call” and he’s right!

His focus on making of quality sales calls versus the quantity of sales calls is a good reminder to all sales leaders.

Great book!

John has nailed with the definitive blueprint for achieving Level Five success!

This book is a well-written and concise summary for how to improve sales performance as both a sales representative and manager. Very easy and quick read!

Level Five Selling presents a simple and effective approach to value added sales calls and value added sales coaching. Like so many great models and tools, results come from a committed leader and/or committed organization to execute with a long term plan.

John Hoskins is the master of “all things sales”! This book simply and clearly spells out all the fundamentals of selling in a way that can be immediately and easily applied! Highly recommend this book to salespeople and sales leaders regardless of tenure!

John has done a great job of setting the context for sales development and identifying the mindset necessary to be a true sales professional. Obviously, it can help with individual sales development. However, this book can be very powerful for an entire sales organization. By outlining a systematic approach to selling and coaching sales, John gives readers the keys to creating a high performing sales organization!!!! Go for it!!!

Finally, if you’re an ambitious sales rep, don’t wait for your boss to read this book. Start learning today from the sales manager so many sales organizations have tried to model their sales managers after.

If you’re an old sales dog, you’ll wonder where this wisdom was when you were coming up. One consolation: you’ll enjoy the sales war stories this book is peppered with.

Using John’s short-hand system, you’ll be able to coach your people on how to not only self-assess but self-correct their call behavior going forward. No hard feelings – no defensiveness.

John’s been a fly on the wall for thousands of sales calls and he’s observed first hand where sales reps run off the rails on opportunities they could just as easily have turned into major wins.

Most sales managers have team members who are making ineffective sales calls today and these show up as their sales reps not making quota. Using John’s system, you’ll be able to coach your people on how to improve their call planning behavior.

I’ve worked with author John Hoskins for nearly 30 years, and he’s sought out by top sales organizations everywhere on how to improve sales behaviors and results.


Level Five Selling: The book

If you’re suffering with lagging indicator forecasts that are bloated with "do nothing" opportunities from "happy ears" sales people who make Level 1, 2 and 3 calls, you know why you are missing forecast, and overinvesting golden selling hours in opportunities that are continually delayed and then never close.

Put the focus of your frontline sales leaders on coaching.

If you apply a simple rule of six sigma to your sales culture that the single most important metric you can track is a quality sales call, AND  you make your sales leaders accountable and responsible for developing a team of Level Five sales people, you will have happier more loyal customers, improve your win rates, improve your forecast accuracy, and reduce costly time consuming turnover. Buy the Book

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